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Don’t be Afraid of Your Deposition: 7 Tips for Those Being Deposed

  Have you been informed by your lawyer that the other side wants to take your deposition? If you have, in all probability you are very nervous, and in fact, you may be downright afraid. Know this: you are not alone! Most people who get served with a Notice of Oral Deposition are frightened because […]


Florida Jury Awards $200 Million Dollars in Nursing Home Abuse Case

 Jury Punishes Negligent Nursing Home for Abuse One thing that is becoming apparent is that juries are punishing nursing homes that mistreat the residents in their homes. a plaintiff’s lawyer is going to subtly point out to the jury the fact that this could be anyone’s mom or dad’s, and it is not going to […]


Church Law is Changing

The laws governing churches is, like every other body of law, changing over time. Different situations and different venues, different judges, and changing values do affect the law. For example, churches are seeing more scrutiny from the courts than they ever had in the past. Church law is evolving, like it or not.