Rosa Parks Estate is Settled – The Rich Often Leave Wars Behind

Estate Wars Are Real Battles

There have been some rather famous estate battles in our nation over the years dealing with the probate of an estate. Most of us recall the long, ardous battle waged over the reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes’ estate. And, who can forget the brawl that went on for so many years involving the now deceased Ana Nicole Smith. Now, another very famous and very dead person has people settling their brawl over her estate. Rosa Parks, the famous civil rights leader’s estate is being settled.

By David Ashenfelter The secret legal agreement designed to settle the brawl over the estate of civil rights leader Rosa Parks is a secret no more. The confidential seven-page document — signed by Parks’ 15 nieces and nephews, Parks’ longtime friend  and caregiver Elaine Steele and an official of the institute Parks and Steele founded — turned up in a Jan. 18 filing with the Michigan Supreme Court. The agreement — struck during a late-night bargaining session in February 2007 in order to avert a trial in Wayne County Probate Court — spells out how the parties are to divvy up the proceeds from the sale of Parks’ belongings, said to be worth up to $8 million because of their historic value. Read More…

Many FaJohn Waynemous People Leave a Legacy of Estate Battles

The kids of actor John Wayne are fighting over his estate. Billionaire Melvin Simon of Indianapolis, Indiana, apparently did not have a will sewed so tightly as to preclude any litigation. Across the land, families have drawn battle lines and waged war with each other over who gets what from mom or dad’s estate. The interesting part of it all is that you’d think that rich people would have sense enough to make their wills iron-clad so as to be inviolate and immune to the petty bickering that often erupts amongst family.

But, that may not be possible. While it is important that you have your wills drafted carefully, the unfortunate thing is that greedy people will always do what greedy people do: they will try and get everything they can. It is not uncommon for a brother to want his sister’s share. I have known of cases where a family member literally stole a deceased parent’s entire estate. Sometimes, they got away with it simply because the other siblings were not as greedy and did not want to fight (or in some cases, could not afford a lengthy court battle).


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