The Value of the Life of a Housewife: Wrongful Death in Indiana

Wrongful Death Cases in Indiana

A few years ago I met with a man who’d just lost his wife in an automobile accident. It was a terrible accident and he was left with two small children to raise. Her wrongful death accident could not have come at a worse time. What made it even worse, the man was suffering from a serious physical disability. His wife was the sole “breadwinner” in the house. She worked odd jobs when she could, played nursemaid, cleaned and cooked, ran him to the doctors, and was mother and tutor to their two young children. She was an exceptional woman.

Wrongful Death Requires Evidence of Value of a Life

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Child Molesters in the Church – Church Policy

Church Policy for Protecting Children

Most Protestant churches do not have a written “church policy” regarding child protection.

That’s unfortunate, because not having a church policy for the protection of children under the care of the church can have serious consequences. Having a church child protection policy in place is akin to having a plan to eat organic products to sustain good health. (Put junk food in, get the results of bad health.)  If an incidence of child molesting hits your church, be sure that a lawsuit is also likely to hit the church. That “hit” could be a crippling financial blow that might destroy it. It does not have to be that way, if the church would take certain steps to protect itself legally. Those steps necessarily involve the creation of a church policy for the protection of the children in the care and custody of the church. Read More…

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