In 2004 the Center of Disease Control (CDC) reported that there were approximately 16,100 assisted living facilities, otherwise known as nursing homes. That number has risen and  it is clear that there has been a substantial increase in the numbers of nursing homes since then, partly because of the aging population, but mostly because it is a huge money machine, with the federal government picking up the bigger part of the tab. There are around 510 nursing homes in the state of Indiana.

Number of Residents in Nursing Homes Rising

Estimates are given of well over 2 million individuals residing in a nursing facility, and nearly 1,000,000, if not more, staff, including nurses, and in some cases, doctors (who often are big investors, and sometimes owners, of nursing homes). It is a huge industry and as the population ages, it is only going to grow.

Abuse of Nursing Home Residents Rising

Unfortunately, as the population grows older and more seniors become permanent residents in a nursing facilit y, the rate of abuse of those senior citizens is going to rise. Statistics show that one in 3 assisted living facilities have been reported for abuse, and over 90% have been cited for various violations.

Criminals Among Staff in Nursing Homes

Studies have shown that of over 12,500 nursing aides working in the nursing homes, 5% had criminal records, and a staggering 25% of staff members who were prosecuted for any form of abuse against nursing home residents, had a criminal record. Is it any wonder that more and more civil lawsuits against Nursing Homes are being filed?

Five Star Rating System for Nursing Homes

The federal government has enacted a five-star rating system for nursing homes. One of the factors that is rated is called “Health Inspections.” These are annual (though there can be more than one inspection) inspections that are done unannounced by the state. They facility is graded based on a number of criteria related to the care of the residents, the process of care, staff and resident interactions, and the nursing home environment. A rating is assigned based on the data from the last 3 standard health inspections, and all complaint inspections conducted in the past 3 years.

Lake County Indiana Nursing Homes Rated Poorly

In Lake County Indiana, which contains 21 nursing homes, only 7 of those nursing homes got more than one star, out of five (five being the highest ranking). Of those 7, 6 of them received 2 stars and only one received 3 stars. There was not a single nursing home in Lake County Indiana that received more than 3 stars. That is a sad commentary.

New York Undercover Investigation of Nursing Home Abuse – Video

In New York, an undercover investigation revealed some very ugly abuse situations resulting in 26 people being charged and convicted using hidden surveillance cameras. Here is the new video showing some of what was going on in nursing homes in New York State. Unfotunately, this kind of abuse is being duplicated around the country, and in the state of Indiana, and in particular, Lake County, Indiana.


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