Florida Jury Awards $200 Million Dollars in Nursing Home Abuse Case

 Jury Punishes Negligent Nursing Home for Abuse

One thing that is becoming apparent is that juries are punishing nursing homes that mistreat the residents in their homes. a plaintiff’s lawyer is going to subtly point out to the jury the fact that this could be anyone’s mom or dad’s, and it is not going to be lost on the jury. Every juror is sitting there thinking this: “That could one day be my mother.” Corporations that own many nursing homes need to start realizing that if they get in front of a jury, those jurors will not be sympathetic. The reason? They all have a mother and a father.

A son whose 92-year-old mother suffered a fatal fall at a nursing homewas this week awarded an astonishing $200million in compensation. Richard Nunziata, 58, of St Petersburg, Florida, represented her estate and sued the company which operated the home in Pinellas Park, Florida. Elvira Nunziata died in October 2004 after slipping away from residents at the home and falling down a flight of stairs in her wheelchair.Read more…

When a lawyer litigates a nursing home abuse case, that lawyer will show the jury that the abuse could have been prevented. Many times, the remedy would have been very simple and very inexpensive. The sad reality is that far too many nursing homes are understaffed and definitely underpaid. Nursing homes are full of people who have inadequate training, limited skill sets, and sometimes have criminal records. Some things you can’t do “on the cheap.” Hiring quality people for nursing homes is one of those things.

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