Crime is Alive and Well in Porter & Lake County Indiana: Love of Money is the Root of All Evil

Headline from The Times:

Masked men rob elderly, wheel chair-bound Valpo man

VALPARAISO | Police are investigating a report of a strong-arm robbery Monday of an elderly man confined to a wheel chair. Dispatchers received a 911 hang-up call about 3 p.m. from 1710 Vale Park Road. Valparaiso police responded and learned a wheel chair-bound, elderly man had been robbed inside his apartment.   Read more:

Crime is not likely to go away in our lifetime, and in both Porter and Lake County, Indiana, it seems we are cursed with our share of criminals. Money drives some people and long ago, we were told by the Apostle Paul that the “love of money is the root of all evil.” (1 Tim. 6:10). Apparently, it drives some to crime, even stooping so low as to rob the handcapped elderly. 

We havEnglish: Former Lake County courthouse in Crow...e all seen our share of problems in life, but those problems have mostly seemed kind of “well, that’s life” in scope and measure. But lately, it seems that too many are getting more than their share of problems and one has to wonder where the conscience of some has gone (or whether they ever had one). Robbing the elderly, and robbing an elderly person who is bound to a wheel chair is unconscionable. Frankly, I believe that there ought to be some special laws for such criminals, namely, “sentencing enhancing” laws. It would work like this:

Any individual convicted of robbing any person who is handicapped by a  mental and or physical condition, shall be sentenced accordingly:

1.  If the defendant has a prior conviction for any crime wherein a person was harmed physically, or if the previous crime was against a person deemed “elderly” (as defined), whether or not the person was harmed physically or not, then the judge shall add to the ordinary sentence that would have been given, an additional 7 years.

2.  On conviction of the crime of [assualt, which includes robbery], the defendant shall be sentenced to the usual sentencing specified by law for the crime of assault and/or robbery, but in addition, the court shall impose an additional 10 years to the sentence, plus any additional years required by law.

We either start getting rid of these people for a long, long time, or they will eventually get rid of us….for a much longer time.

Do nothing: Criminals Win!  

We lose.


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