Contact Authorities Including Police if You Suspect Phycial Abuse in a Nursing Home

Involve the Police if You See Phycical Signs of Abuse

There are many measures one can take if suspected abuse has occurred with a loved one in a nursing home, but one thing to do for sure is to contact the police. Here is what one authority on nursing home abuse says:

If you notice signs of nursing home abuse that are physical or sexual in nature, you should contact local authorities and the appropriate state department immediately. If the signs you notice do not require immediate medical attention, you still need to act quickly, but can take more time to help ensure the proper party is held responsible.One of the most important steps you can take if you suspect nursing home abuse is to contact an experienced nursing home abuse attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer well-versed in nursing home neglect cases can review the specifics of your situation and advise a course of action, which may include further investigation or filing a lawsuit. Read More…

Jury Verdicts Are Rising Against Nursing Homes for Abuse of the Eldely Residents

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review . An Allegheny County jury awarded $300,000 to the estate of a former resident of a Squirrel Hill nursing home related to damage stemming from bed sores.

Jeffrey Green of the North Side filed a lawsuit in 2009 on behalf of his mother, Dolly Brown, a former resident of The Commons at Squirrel Hill. Brown, 72, died from unrelated causes. Green’s attorney, Peter Giglione, argued that the nursing home was responsible for the bed sores, which caused her pain. Attorney Tony Williot, who represented the nursing home and its parent company, Berkshire Pennsylvania Inc., said Brown came to the facility with bed sores and they healed. Williott said the company would appeal last week’s jury decision. Read more

There are many incidents — far too many – of abuse happening in our nation’s nursing homes. If you suspect a loved one has suffered abuse, do something about it. Be assertive. Be aggressive. Take action now. Don’t sit idly by and let it go on.

Loved one in nursing home and abused?


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