Auto Accident Lake County Indiana

Auto Accident Rate in Lake County Indiana

Every single day, there is an auto accident in  Lake County Indiana. A car accident takes place with regularity in Lake County, and in surrounding counties here in Indiana. We are a major corridor for Chicago, and thousands of cars and trucks whiz through the county. Car accidents are inevitable. And, with those auto accidents come injuries. You’d think that if you’ve been injured in an automobile accident, the insurance company would just pay you for the harm their insured did to you and you could be on your way. Unfortunately, the system does not work that way.

You end up having to hire an attorney. The lawyer then must put together an array of documents (medical records, driving records, accident report, witness statements, expert testimony) proving that you have viable injuries from your car  accident, that it was not your fault, and convince the insurance company that they ought to settle the case. If they refuse to pay a sum that is adequate, then you have to file a lawsuit and prepare to go to trial. It’s a daunting process, one many auto accident victims choose not to engage in.

An Auto Accident Can Cause Death

Several years ago, I represented a man in a wrongful death case, whose wife was killed in an auto accident in Lake County, Indiana. She’d been a passenger in a car that was turning on a green light from Rt 30 in Schererville, Indiana.  Another vehicle, driven by a sales representative for a large pharmaceutical company, slammed into the vehicle, T-boning it, and killing her.

I found a witness who’d not only seen the accident, but was able to testify that the man had not even put on his brakes for the red light that she’d clearly seen. She had been parallel to his vehicle, traveling in the same direction, and she had slowed for the red light. He never slowed, and he did not see the vehicle turning in front of him. He never saw the light nor the vehicle. His car slammed into the other auto at around fifty miles per hour. While I was able to settle the case for a very large sum of money, my client would  have given back every dime and even paid more, to have his wife back. Money is no real substitute for life, though it is the thing the legal system has decided to use as compensation for a life. The fact is,  money is a poor substitute.

An Auto Accident in Lake County Indiana is not a rarity

You’d think such car accidents would be rare. After all, we have laws against speeding. And common sense tells us we can’t read while we drive  (something this man had been doing). Today, with the advent of “texting,” we now have thousands of  drivers who are operating vehicles while distracted with reading or texting. So much for common sense. We have laws against drunk driving. But, in spite of all our laws and what common sense tells us, we still continue to have an auto accident caused by a drunk driver, with amazing regularity. Most car accidents are minor and the injuries are minor. And, many  of the car accidents happen because the driver was speeding. But, far too many auto accidents occur because the driver is intoxicated. When you have a car accident and you’re intoxicated, life will change forever, especially if a life is lost.

An Auto Accident in Lake County Indiana is likely to involve alcohol

Some years ago, when I was a Deputy Prosecutor for the State of Indiana, sitting in Crown Point City Court, I saw hundreds of drunk drivers come through the Court after being arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OVWI). I remember one in particular. He was a young man just out of high school, a star athlete, bright, a good student, and an all-around good kid. But, he’d been out one night with his friends and had been arrested for Minor Consuming, a Misdemeanor crime. As I recall, he’d paid a $50.00 fine and left the Court after being admonished by the judge.  Just a few weeks later, he was dead, killed in an auto accident. He’d been drinking.

I once had a long time client die from an auto accident and the intoxicated driver who hit him, went to jail for five years. My client had attended a function. He had his 2 small children with him. He’d accidently backed his car into a ditch. While standing beside his car, another vehicle came down the road and struck him and his car. He was killed instantly. I filed a Wrongful Death action and during that case, learned about the history of the intoxicated driver. He had multiple DUI’s (Driving Under the Influence) and had his license suspended several times. His alcohol problem was a serious one. He was a relatively young man, in his late 20’s. He lost five years of his life. My client lost all of his life. My client’s children lost their father.

With the arrival of texting while driving, there will be some horrific accidents, especially when an intoxicated driver is texting. Lives will be lost. Lawyers will file wrongful death lawsuits. Parents will weep and mourn. But, drivers will still drink and drive, and some will drink, drive, and text. And, they will kill some of us, and perhaps themselves, too.

Drivers in Lake County Indiana can avoid a car accident by adhering to certain rules

There are three rules that, if a driver in Lake County Indiana follows, he or she will probably never have an auto accident:

  • 1. Never drive after you’ve been drinking and never read text messages or try to text someone while you drive. It’s bad enough that most Americans use a cell phone while driving. Your rule should be: No drinking. No texting.  It does not matter whether you are intoxicated. It does not matter how important the message you need to send is, or how important the message might be that just twittered its way into your phone. Just don’t do it. It is not a cliche that the life you save may be your own. Make it a rule you live by, and when you’ve been drinking, absolutely stay out from behind the driver’s side of a car. Don’t you decide whether you’re intoxicated. Assume you are impaired, because if you’ve been drinking, you are impaired and the odds of having an auto accident are very high.
  • 2. Pay close attention to all vehicles when you drive. You really have to practice defensive driving these days.  You cannot assume the other driver is going to operate his car the way he should. You can’t assume that she’s going to obey the laws. You can’t assume she is sober. You can’t afford to assume that he will not drift into your lane.  If you want to avoid having an auto accident, be wary of every vehicle on the road. There’s no need to be paranoid, but you’d better be alert, and you’d better not assume everyone else is going to be as safe a driver as you are.
  • 3. Obey the laws. It sounds simple, and it is. Develop the habit of obeying the speed limit laws. Drive your vehicle in a safe, prudent and cautious manner. Resist the urge to take short cuts in your driving. Weaving in and out of traffic is a sure what to have an auto accident. And, trying to get to your destination a few minutes earlier may earn you a traffic ticket, which I’m sure the insurance company will appreciate as you donate to their coffers, or worse, it could earn you the status of being someone in an automobile accident.  But, worse than being in car accident, it could earn you the status of being a fatality in an auto accident.

The fact that your family might collect tens of thousands of dollars in a wrongful death case does nothing to diminish the fact that you’re dead. They will not be comforted by having lots of money. They’d trade it in for your life in a heartbeat.

So, the bottom line is: If you live in Lake County Indiana, the stats suggest that you have a good chance of being involved in a car accident. Whether that auto accident is serious or even fatal, may well depend on how faithful you are to follow those three rules.

Here is a sober reminder from a drunk driver


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