As an Indiana attorney for over 25 years, I’ve handled a wide array of legal matters, including Federal Civil Rights cases for individuals, companies, and Federal employees.  I have litigated cases against major corporations and against Federal Agencies in Administrative proceedings. I’ve taken wrongful death cases and personal injury cases, successfully achieving substantial results for the clients. I’ve been the Director for the Child Support Division (IV-D) of the Prosecutor’s Office, worked as a Deputy Prosecutor for nearly a dozen years, and currently do contract work as a Forfeiture Attorney for the Lake County Indiana Prosecutor’s Office.

       I also continue to have a private practice where I do mostly Estate work, which includes the drafting of Wills, Living Wills, Trusts (often called Living Trusts, or Loving Trusts), Probate work, including the probating of an estate, personal injury cases, automobile accident cases, wrongful death,  and Nursing Home litigation.

       I have a rule I’ve tried to follow now for over 30 years.  I answer my telephone and have done that for over 23 years. I set my own appointments, and I return all phone calls as soon as possible. I understand the need for clients to be able to get in touch with their attorney. I’m available by phone during the week or even after hours (if it is an emergency), and 24/7 via email.