A Car Accident and Alcohol: A Deadly Mix

A Car Accident – Product of Alcohol

Choices are made every single day by individuals to drink alcohol and drive. Drunk drivers cause pain, suffering and grief that lasts for a lifetime. A drunk driver behind the wheel of an automobile will, more likely than not, have a car accident, and the odds are pretty high that the automobile accident that happens will cause serious bodily injury.

YouTube Testimonial by Car Accident Survivor

The following is a YouTube testimonial from a young driver who drove while intoxicated and had a a car accident in which two passengers died. It is compelling video (in two parts). The driver of the vehicle is obviously remorseful. Unfortunately, one cannot take back some choices. His testimony demonstrates, in a powerful way, that the choice to drink and drive can have tragic consequences. A car, when aimed, is akin to a weapon. Here, the automobile is a mass of steel propelled in a manner that can, as surely as a bullet, cause deadly consequences. We see car accidents every day in our county, and multiplied thousands of times in our nation.

This is the story of one such car accident. An event that cannot be undone.

Car Accident Testimonial: Dean Tillema – Part 1

Car Accident Testimonial: Dean Tillema – Part 2

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3 Responses to “A Car Accident and Alcohol: A Deadly Mix”

  1. Bryan Truitt says:

    I should have included, that if you know of any other church group, youth group or other organization that would want to ultize this video, please also advise and will send appropriate copies

    • Voyle Glover says:

      Will do. Thanks. I think the video is a powerful statement. Perhaps others can learn from it.

  2. Bryan Truitt says:

    If you want a DVD of this video (in one part) please let me know. I am Dean’s attorney