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Trust a Merrillville lawyer with over three decades of experience

Voyle A. Glover Attorney at Law is here to assist you with all your business law matters, including the formation of an LLC, closely held corporations, real estate matters, estate planning (including probate issues), guardianships and adoptions.

Attorney Glover has a wide array of legal experience in many different areas of law. For many years he worked as a Deputy Prosecutor for the Lake County Indiana Prosecutor’s Office. Now, he is a contract attorney for that office working as a Forfeiture Attorney. A lot of his early practice in law concentrated on civil rights litigation in federal court in the Northern District of Indiana. For years, Mr. Glover has provided legal assistance to hundreds of clients inside and outside of the courtroom.

Whether you need assistance creating a last will & testament or a living trust (sometimes called a “Loving Trust”), or you need guidance in the planning of your estate (such as whether or not you need a trust and what documents are essential to your particular circumstances), Attorney Glover can provide expert guidance.

Many clients come into a law office uncertain as to just what they need with respect to estate planning, or whether or not they should have a corporation as their business model or an LLC, or whether or not they need a lawyer to assist in the sale or purchase of real estate. Mr. Glover will analyze your circumstances and give you sound legal advice as to what he sees as the best course for you. Although located in Merrillville, Indiana, Attorney Glover serves clients across Lake County and in surrounding counties.

Always available to assist you

Attorney Glover has a unique approach to the practice of law. Recently, a client with some real estate and landlord issues came to the office and said, “You’re the first lawyer I have ever met that I can truthfully say I enjoy seeing.” Attorney Glover’s response revealed some of his philosophy on the practice of law:

“I believe in treating the client as an equal. While I may know some things about the law you don’t know, the client is the boss, not me, and the client may actually know some things about the law that I don’t know, or that might be worth exploring. I just advise and help as I can. One of my pet peeves with professionals, especially doctors, is with those who carry the aura of being so smart I can’t tell them anything they don’t already know. It’s like, if they don’t know it, then it isn’t worth knowing.”

One of the other unique features about Mr. Glover is his approach to client contact. For over 22 years, he has answered his own telephone. He has a secretary who comes and goes as needed. Years ago he decided he did not need a secretary to sit around and answer a telephone. He only sees clients by appointment, and therefore takes his own calls and sets his own appointments. Attorney Glover is a great believer in the importance of the client being able to get in contract with the attorney. There are no “screenings” to make it difficult to reach the attorney.

On Site Consultations

Something else that is unique to Attorney Glover’s law practice is his willingness to serve clients in their home, if they are unable to travel due to age or other disabilities. Sometimes it's a considerable burden for older folks to get around, and going to see a lawyer can be a serious physical effort for them. For this reason he has long had a policy that he will provide client consultations in their home, or even in the hospital or nursing home. (While an initial office consultation is free, any consultations outside the office involve a small charge.)

Even if this is your first time calling our attorney, you will be able to reach him on the phone. No paralegals, no assistants, no barriers at all. You’ll be speaking directly with a knowledgeable and dedicated lawyer who wants to help you. Moreover, it may be that he can answer your question on the phone. If so, he will do that, at no charge. If he does not practice in the particular area of the law you have a question about, he will rely on his many years of practice in the area to refer you to someone who would be likely to have the answer to your question.

Feel free to call Attorney Voyle A. Glover and schedule an appointment or ask a legal question. Call today at (219) 736-1420. If he is busy, leave a message and he will get back to you at his earliest convenience.

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